Fluke FLK-TIX500 60HZ Thermal Imager for Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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TiX500 Infrared Camera

Navigate tough angles easily with a 180 degree rotating lens and view images on a 5.7 inch LCD

Easily navigate over and around tough targets with the 180 degree rotating FlexCam lens and view your images on the industry’s largest 5.7 inch touchscreen LCD. Instantly get an in-focus image with pinpoint accuracy with Fluke’s exclusive LaserSharp Auto Focus technology, driven by a built-in professional grade laser distance meter. Turn your 320×240 images into 640×480 images with SuperResolution (in software) or get precision blending with IR Fusion and easily see and document thermal problems.

  • Easily navigate over, under and around objects with the 180° articulating lens and see the image before you capture it
  • Capture images with the only 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD with on-camera analytics for in-field image analysis
  • Enhanced image quality and temperature measurement accuracy – turn your 320×240 images into 640×480 images, that’s 4x’s the resolution and pixels with SuperResolution (in software)
  • LaserSharp Auto Focus, exclusive to Fluke, uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance to your designated target² with pinpoint accuracy
  • Save and share images in real-time using Fluke Connect™ and capture multiple measurements like electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature and thermal – all in one report
  • Full 180 degree rotating lens for easy navigation around tough targets
  • Temperature measurements up to 650 degrees C
  • Optional field installable smart lenses – 2x, 4x telephoto, wide angle and 25 Micron macro
  • Edit emissivity, background temp, transmissivity, palettes & color alarms all on camera
  • Fluke Connect enabled



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