Fluke Ti105 Thermal Imager for Industrial and Commercial Applications, with IR-Fusion Technology, 30 Hz

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  • Portable thermal imager with an uncooled microbolometer sensor and a 160 x 120 FPA to capture infrared images of thermal patterns, commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, including process monitoring and maintenance of utilities, electrical, and mechanical systems
  • Detects temperatures from -20 to +250 degrees C (-4 to +482 degrees F), with an accuracy of + or – 2 degrees C or 2%, and a thermal sensitivity of less than or equal to 0.1 degrees C (100mK) at 30 degrees C
  • Camera merges visual and thermal images to pinpoint problem areas and provide a recognizable image for ease of identification, and can display a full thermal, a full visual, or a picture-in-picture image for flexibility in viewing
  • 3.5-inch color LCD screen provides clear images for ease of viewing and analysis, and user selectable backlighting levels help eliminate light reflections and improve contrast in low-light conditions
  • Certified to IP54 level of protection against dust and splashing liquid
  • 160×120 resolution (19,200 pixels) and user-selectable backlighting levels provide good visibility
  • 3.39 mRad spatial resolution with 296:1 D:S and an integrated laser pointer expedites inspections
  • Removable 4 GB SD memory card and 8 GB wireless SD card (where available) adds storage
  • Temperature range:-20° to +250° C (-4° to +482° F); ≤ 0.10°C thermal sensitivity at 30°C (100 mK)
  • Take your pick of eight standard color palettes
  • Stay in charge with pop in/pop out smart batteries and LED charge level indicator

The Fluke Ti105 30Hz wireless infrared camera with its ergonomic design and point and shoot convenience is a great choice for electromechanical, process or building inspections. Find air leaks, hidden moisture, overheated bearings, and much more, with IR Fusion technologies that blend infrared and visible light images. View the results on the large 3.5 inch LCD and share your images and data instantly with remote team members via smart phone using the Fluke Connect app.

Work safer, smarter and faster with Fluke Connect enabled wireless test tools

Put more distance between you and hazards

With the Fluke Connect app and enabled tools you can view multiple measurements of energized components from up to 20 feet away from the test point. Set up multiple modules and then step out of the hazard zone and remotely view all the measurements simultaneously on a smart phone. By keeping your distance from energized components you can increase your personal safety and efficiently.

Reduce maintenance time and increase uptime

View different measurements—thermal, mechanical, electrical and vibration—from the same piece of equipment at the same time. Seeing the interactions among multiple measurement points can help you spot problems quicker. You can automatically record measurements and upload them to a PC for further analysis and reporting, and save to secure cloud storage. From there, authorized users can easily access baseline data in the field to quickly identify anomalies and resolve problems.

Collaborate with colleagues without leaving the plant floor

Onsite techs can share measurements, graphs and even thermal images with team members located anywhere via a ShareLive video call. Everyone on the call can see the same live data and images on their smart phones. Managers can see all the information they need to issue a work order so technicians can move forward with repairs without leaving the field. That saves extra trips back and forth to the office and helps ensure problems are resolved faster with less downtime.



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